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for trusting me with your important business and for referring your friends, family members and co-workers over the last 34 years.

I am here for clients I have served in the past. A new client would have to have a very interesting case and a truly worthy cause. There is an "us and them" quality to what we do and it seems wise to limit membership.


The pages on this site:

"My Pledge" is simply that. It is my promise to all my clients and potential clients that I will live and work well above the often funny lawyer stereotypes that never seem to go away.


"Practice Areas" describes the kinds of cases in which my clients and I have enjoyed success over the years.


Many clients want to see my resumé or CV. It is detailed on the page that bears my name, "David Harding."


"Government" is a directory of agencies that people living and working in the Chicago area should find useful.


"Privacy" describes my strict safeguards on private information.

"My Receptionist" is too young and beautiful to describe. You have to see her to believe.


"Contact Me" provides a short-hand way to get in touch. It may seem a little "last millennium," but you can also just call if you like.

Anyone who has a complaint about me should contact the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Illinois Supreme Court, the body that issued, oversees and can move to revoke my license to practice.


David G. Harding

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Nothing on this website is intended or should be taken as legal advice or a firm agreement to represent any person or organization.